Artist Statement

Duy is an architect with passion for beautiful imagery. He first started shooting pictures with a digital camera and his digital retouching skills are self-taught, after hours of work to make his images perfect.
But he didn’t stop there. Duy soon explored about shooting on film, developing the film himself and using modern scanning techniques. He loves the authenticity, luminosity, grain, softness and outstanding colors produced by film, which helps him create elegant and timeless photographs. With his knowledge gained in film, Duy next decided to develop software which uses motion picture techniques to deliver special unique movie look in photographs. To find out more about this software, please check out the software category.
Along the way on his journey, Duy fell in love with old photos. Hungry for more knowledge about photographic history, he found the Wet Collodion photographic technique first invented by Englishman, Frederick Scott Archer, in 1851.
Inspiration struck and this young photographer soon combined fashion and fine art, as he continues to capture elegant, luminous and timeless images.